Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wax Idols-Sound of a Void

Wow, did this new Wax Idols track catch me off guard. I have been a fan of Wax Idol's work since their debut No Future and the punchy, old-school punk sound that was perfectly captured in its eleven tracks. However, "Sound of a Void", off the groups upcoming second album Discipline and Desire sounds nothing like that, in the best way possible. Pulling from the darker direction touched on with the "Schadenfreude" 7" from earlier this year, only amplified ten fold. Front-women and band leader Heather Fortune's vocals strike a deeply haunting note the moment they open the track, only to be met by the equally dark, central guitar riff which is equal parts The Jesus and Mary Chain noise, Joy Division post-punk angularness, and Heaven's Gate post-shoegaze warp. "Sound of the Void" manages to be catchy as hell, but the gothic and dark undertones that Fortune brings to the songs are ever present as well. However, those traits manage to just amply the power "Sound of a Void", crafting it to a perfect, almost forgotten post-punk gem that has been resurrected by Fortune and her cohorts.


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