Thursday, December 13, 2012

Solar Year-Night & Day

Solar Year's music feels deeply trendy. The duo crafts very atmospheric pop, cemented with their newest track "Night & Day" from their first, proper single. It's based around a mix of cut-up clean and grimy beats that still have a ton of space to them that let's the song both have a "quiet echo" throughout the song, as well as expand and build while it closes too. There's also the dark, R&B influence present in the vocals and production that adds to the already heavy air of detachment and mystery present in the song. It feel like something that Ad Hoc or No Fear of Pop would fall in love for, so it should come as no surprise that this is the first release on NFOP's new label Stratosfear. At times it feels like a more muscular and slicker take on the type of sound Born Gold produced with his Little Sleepwalker album, and more so, Solar Year have produced an elegant and sparse slice of modern electronic pop with "Night & Day".


Solar Year's Website
Buy the "Night & Day" 7" here, from Stratosfear Records

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