Monday, December 10, 2012

Nyquil Jordan-The Emotions We Emote

Nyquil Jordan was birthed from the same twisted mind that created Pariah Carey, AKA Jheri Evans, one of the master minds behind Decoder Magazine. Disclaimer: Jheri and I are internet buddies, but that doesn't stop his new project and "The Emotions We Emote" from being any less awesome. "The Emotions We Emote" is a demented remake/remix of K-Ci's & JoJo's "Tell Me It's Real": the vocals are twisted almost recognition with auto-tune, modulation, and manipulation while a new, grimey beat has been placed underneath. The result is the pureness of the original track is still present, but now side by side a new demonic presence that makes "The Emotions We Emote" feel ever so darker. It's a warped and weird sound to be sure, but deeply creative and cool weird as well. What other type is there when it's warping of thirteen year old R&B songs?


Nyquil Jordan's Facebook
Download the "Emotions We Emote" digital 12" here, from the artist himself
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