Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Campfires-Fortune Teller

It's finally happened. After countless cassettes and seven inches, Campfires will be releasing their debut album Tomorrow, Tomorrow this coming February via Fire Talk. Utter joy! With this news comes a brand new track and possibly the best indication of what Tomorrow, Tomorrow will be like with "Fortune Teller". A bright, sunshine filled song that is the equivalent Forever Changes Love as played by a twitchy C-86 band. "Fortune Teller" has a noticeably higher production than Campfires songs of yore, but the band makes the transition to hi-fi smoothly, allowing all the simple instrumentation of the track to ring out clearly, thus filling out the song's psych-folk indie pop sound more so than ever before. More so, band master mind Jeff Walls' vocals have their first chance in the spot light, adding wiry, subtle, and earnest charm to the track that would have ever wise been lacking. I have been waiting for this album for ages, so for it be arriving so soon, coupled with hearing an excellent foreshadowing in the form of "Fortune Teller", have just made my day.


Campfires's Website
Pre-order Tomorrow, Tomorrow here, from Fire Talk Records

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