Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marching Church-Throughout the Borders

Look at the cover art for Marching Church's new single for a second. It's only of the few times I think the artwork properly expresses the music contained within it. There is a beauty present in the artwork, but you can see the evil and darkness there as well, which is and will slowly consume everything else eventually. That, to a certain degree, is what Marching Church's "Throughout the Borders" sounds like. Marching Church is the solo project of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt front man of iceage and member of Vår, two bands who already have a dark energy to them. Here he mixes dark folk and post-punk catharsis in a lethal combination on "Throughout the Borders" as the metal sounding guitar chords just ring out over the frantic and off beat drum work while Rønnenfelt brings all of the despair and darkness that he hadn't released with his other projects here, especially through the vocals. "Throughout the Borders" is a deeply haunting song, containing a nervous and dark energy that is inescapable. Nonetheless, that eeriness and bleakness of the song are what make it so compelling in the first place.


Buy the "Throughout the Borders" 7" here, from Posh Isolation

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