Monday, December 10, 2012

Mount Moriah-Younger Days

I've never been very partial to country music, no matter what form it decides to take (regular, country rock, alt-country, etc.). The truth of that fact, I think, is a testament to the quality of Mount Moriah for making me like them. Mount Moriah are a decidedly country band from Durham, North Carolina, emitting everything the genre usually brings on "Younger Days"; crisp production on every instrument, twangy guitar lines and stomping drums, powerful vocals soaked in Southern drawl, with flourishes of harmonies around the chorus. But instead of all this being off putting or clichè, instead Mount Moriah pull it off beautifully. By the time the organ comes in to color in the chorus, I'm just hooked. "Younger Us" is just a simple, simmering song that grows in power with each listen, with front-women Heather McEntire's vocals powerful but haunting vocals especially staying with you long after the song has ended. The band music probably was made to soundtrack summer nights, but just as easily soundtracks these cold winter days.


Mount Moriah's Website
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