Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beach Fossils-Careless

There comes a point in every jangle band's life where they must choose either keep either refine their sound and hope they can continue to produce quality albums through out their time together, or take a jump to expand and/or change up their sound. Beach Fossils, possibly the premier flag bearer for modern jangle pop have announced their decision to go with the latter choice along with the announcement of their second album Clash the Truth. And holy hell does it pay off in strides. "Careless" opens with the ringing of guitar chords that instantly feel thicker and heavier. They don't so much jangle as chime out of the speaker. There's honest shoegaze squeals from the guitar over the rolling bass lines and frantic drum work. The '80s-esque, nostalgia filled production compliments the song perfectly, embellishing it with the same feelings that Teen Mom delivered with their EP earlier this year; "Careless" gives off a sense of the past you instantly remember, but at the same time doesn't feel trapped by it. While this evolution isn't completely out of the blue (anyone who heard Beach Fossils' "Shallow/Lessons" 7" from earlier this year can see the logical progression here), that doesn't stop "Careless" from just hitting you upside the head with it's guitar pop greatness.


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