Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dan Deacon-Wish Book Vol. 1

I should hate this. Detest this with a large chunk of my being. A mash-up mix-tape composed by Dan Deacon made up entirely of various different songs, that range from Grimes to James Brown to Animal Collective to Nicki Minaj to even Lightning Bolt. In any other situation, this would have just been some terrible variation on the generic material Girl Talk has been pushing out for years. But through the magic of Dan Deacon and his ability to understand every facet music, he manages to craft something incredibly wonderful and unique with Wish Book Vol. 1. To a certain degree I think it has to do that these mash-ups feel like Dan Deacon songs at their core; they have the same euphoric and joyous sense to them under their demented electro-dance skin that Deacon's original tunes have. The fact that Deacon stakes all the samples on top of one another rather than just jumping from one to another adds helps add to this sense. These songs just so evilly addictive looping and looping around in the brain due to three million different hooks flying at you at once. Just listen to "Someone Area (Rod)" which places cheesy Rod Stewart synths next a manipulated Beyoncè "Single Lady" vocals before diving into LCD Soundsystem's "Someone Great", which sets a memorizing tone for the rest of the tune. Everything on Wish Book Vol. 1 is like exactly as insane and wonderful as that description sounds.


Dan Deacon's Website
Download Wish Book Vol. 1 here, from Dan Deacon himself

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