Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Los Campesinos-A Doe to a Deer

Any reason to talk about Los Campesinos! is a good day in my book, but when it involves a new song, I am more than ecstatic. "A Doe to a Deer" is part of the their semi-regular tradition of releasing Christmas songs, and a follow-up to their first Christmas tune, the spectacular "Kindle a Flame In Her Heart". Here Gareth twists several holiday tropes and references to spell out another tale of his desire for companionship during the holidays. Meanwhile the band crafts a sublime faux-indie Christmas tune, filled with church bells and the return of lovely placed string arrangements. Though the songs is still punctured occasional melancholy, especially by the time the bridge hits, filled with discordant, wilting guitar lines and Gareth getting plastered on Christmas Eve and walking home Christmas day by himself. Yet, it wouldn't be Los Campesinos! if they just played it by the book and painted a song about perfectness Christmas time. Instead they paint in shades, show every aspect of what the holiday brings out, and in turn, make a better song from it.


Los Campesinos!'s Website
Download "A Doe to a Deer" (and read the lyrics) from the band's website as well

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