Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Wiener Dog Benefit Comp

Burger Records are just purely awesome. For proof of this just look at the Kitty Comp they released earlier this year. A massive, 60 50 song, double tape collection of unreleased songs from Burger-related bands all to support an injured cat the label heads had found on the highway. Like I said, Burger is awesome. Now, they have put together another compilation to help an animal in need. The Wiener Dog Benefit Comp was put together to help Popcorn the wiener dog get an operation from a growth in her belly. An even more massive 71 song compilation, the likes of Redd Kross, King Tuff, White Fang, The Memories, Free Weed, Gap Dream, Cleaners from Venus and so many more all of unreleased tracks on this comp. Thee Oh Sees contribution is the sun baked "Teacher's Holiday", a sparse, raw, and surreal track that would have fit perfectly on Castlemania. So go help a doggy in need an get some great tunes out of it in the process.


Buy The Wiener Dog Benefit Comp here, from Burger Records
Thee Oh Sees' Website
Excess money from the compilation will be donated to ASPCA, which you can support here

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