Monday, November 5, 2012

Hunters-Street Trash

For whatever reason, and however temporary, there has been a small yet powerful resurgence of scuzzy, angular, dark, and loud post-punk/noise rock in the indie world. METZ have helped bring it to the forefront of everyone's conscious, but this sound has been brewing for a while. Just look at Hunters, four kids from Brooklyn making a mega ruckus since their debut EP Hands on Fire came out back in 2011 (though they formed way back in 2009). They have a new song called "Street Trash" which plays like a Sonic Youth track from their mid '80s heyday, filled with choppy, '50s beat poetry-ish vocal delivery and driving guitar lines. The über-fuzzed bass line and vocal trade off between Derek Watson's Thurston Moore like coo and Isabel Almeida's post Karen O yelp add an added layer of discordance to the song that cements the sense of wickedness laying within it. "Street Trash" is bleak and cruel, the sort of noise-rock that has been missing for far too long.


Hunters' Website

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