Friday, November 30, 2012

DSTVV-Molly Soda EP

Well this completely came out of left field. Self-described "industrial grungegaze" DSTVV appear to be a lot of things: a mockery and continuation of current lo-fi music, mixed with a parody and embrace of '90s tumblr culture with their ascetic. It being released in cassette format no less seems all the more appropriate. However, above all that, DSTVV have written some really great, dark, noisy tunes. Built around a deeply fucked up drum machine and hyper distorted guitar lines, DSTVV manage to craft some strange beauty from all the distortion, especially with the scrapyard synths that from the rest of the backbone of the band's song music. The title track that opens the EP displays all this in force, especially when KEEL HER's vocals come in during the second half of the song. The EP get's moodier and darker from there with "Ariel's a Punk" and "Do Skateboards Take Wavves" diving deeper into off-key notes and aggressive computer manipulation to color the songs more. This all collides with the final track "Post-Tracy Chapman Pop Jangle" a wonderful & evil concoction of shimmering, almost shoegaze-like guitar lines and intensely painful synth lines.

The whole Molly Soda EP is just spectacularly crazy like this, blending so many different lo-fi and noise elements together, but manages to stop right before becoming a parody of itself. Some of the best, and creative, lo-fi tunes I have heard this year.


DSTVV's website
Buy the Molly Soda EP here, from Teen Witch

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