Thursday, November 29, 2012

METZ-Dirty Shirt

I was late to the (über-noisy) METZ party, but I am catching up now. And what better way than with a brand new single that will cap off the year? "Dirty Shirt" is the B-side, but is utterly glorious in it's own way. Not as blown out as their debut, instead METZ channel more clearly than ever their early Nirvana influence, along with The Men as well, especially in the minor, melodic flourish that lays within the versus. That, of course, disappears in the utterly explosive choruses filled with anguished cries and crushing bass. "Dirty Shirt" is less than two and half minutes of pure, volatile, noisy post-punk, AKA making it a damn fine song.


METZ's Website
Pre-order the "“Leave Me Out” b/w “Dirty Shirt” 7" here, from Sub Pop

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