Thursday, November 8, 2012

Desert Crown-EP

In 2012, Fake Flamingo Recordings had a genius idea. Every week since the beginning of the year, they would release a two song EP from a completely anonymous band, through a pay what you want format via Bandcamp. If an artist/band is able to make 1,000 dollars through the Bandcamp page, Fake Flamingo Recordings presses the songs onto a 12" and gives away 100 copies of said 12" randomly to anyone who donated money. This way music is supported purely based on its own merit, and a 12" could possibly be produced as an end result.

This awesome project has been going on since January, with most of the bands producing songs that circle around a similar vein of abstract beats, murky production, hazy dream-pop, and experimentalism. While several different releases could be mentioned here (Hoverboard's contribution is very excellent, as are Creative Intersection favorites Ender Belongs to Me's songs), Desert Crown have proceeded some of the best songs in the series. "Black Water Black Sky" is a hybrid of tropical beats and dream pop haze as the airy vocals and melted guitar lines layer over the production effortlessly. "The King" is even more ethereal, with Desert Crown channeling a bit of Sigur Rós' style of atmosphere, though filling it with twinkling and shifting synth lines that build within the song, expanding it without being noticed on first listen. It's two track of sublime, creative, dusty dream-pop that easily stretches outside of genre lines and is all the better for it.


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