Monday, November 26, 2012


WU LYF created some of my favorite music of 2011. Their debut Go Tell Fire to the Mountain perfectly captured their self-dubbed "heavy pop": soaring and anthemic songs that never never collapsed under their grandness, instead being a near perfect cross-sections of gospel like energy over indie and pop. So it seems more than appropriate that WU LYF would go out on a song like "T R I U M P H". Allegedly the band's last song (or not, they have always operated on a cloak of misinformation and mystery), "T R I U M P H" is ever so different than everything WU LYF had created before. It's airier and brighter, the guitars chiming and popping, and the organ creating similar pop bursts rather than producing the atmosphere it had on their previous tracks. The lyrics were also posted along with the song. A small thing, but for a band that had always encouraged a sense of shouting along despite not know what was always being shouted, being presented the message from the start sets a different tone for the song. For "T R I U M P H" though, that's one of discarding apathy, running head long into the sunrise and not looking back. It's as glorious as it sounds.  


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