Monday, October 29, 2012

Total Control-Scene From a Marriage

The true quality of Total Control, I think, comes from their ability to change shape and sound, and not only make what ever type of shift organic, but natural as well. On one single they sounded like an abrasive, drugged out post-punk band, and on another they had crafted claustrophobic dance-punk. And now they've done it with their newest single. Stripped of any of the moody synths that colored much of previous release, the ungodly under appreciated album Henge Beat. Instead "Scene from a Marriage" opens with with a lone acoustic guitar, something that threw even me off since Total Control have always crafted their music as unnaturally as possible. However, that guitar quickly starts bending and producing discordant chords that eventually explode into a full band playing an incredibly dark and twisted post-punk tone that manages to convey everything with its knotty, Wire like guitar work and the monotonic yet piercing vocals of DX as he spews out abstract, anger-filled lyrics can you can't exactly understand, but can't escape either. Total Control have always had this dark energy to their music that has been evilly compelling, and nowhere is that more prevalent than listening to "Scene From a Marriage".


Total Control's Website
Buy the "Scene from a Marriage" b/w "Contact" 7" here, from Sub Pop

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