Friday, November 9, 2012

Video: Lushlife-Magnolia

Note: This is my first attempt ever at talking about a rap song on The Creative Intersection. Please keep that while reading this blog post.

Lushlife's "Magnolia" is very beautiful. Not just because of the flower evoked by warped sample that plays through out the song, but aspects like the harp sample that is layered over the dry, sunny beat as well. It's not a one-dimensional beauty, with the song's lyrics painting a more complex portrait of the world, but even those nuances Lushlife paints add to essence of "Magnolia". All this comes to life with the song's music video. Big, pop art influenced, cardboard reproductions of every lyric in the song are planted over people's faces as the lyrics are acted out. What could have been an all too simple lyric video is truly brought to life with this video. Very simple while at the same being insanely stylish, much like "Magnolia" itself. 


Lushlife's Website
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