Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Butter The Children-Debut EP

Butter the Children is the byproduct of four members from four distinctly but differently noisy bands (Night Manager, Sweet Bulbs, Le Rug, and Red Dwarf) coming together and it shows. The guitar equally roars like a buzz saw and produces spacy, shoegaze riffs, while the bass rumbles in the background along with the drums clatter and bang together. And all this connected together by the sickly sweet vocals of front women Inna Mkrtycheva, which arrive with a near pop-punk delivery, but manage to pack a subtle emotional punch to them as well. There was more than a chance that they four distinct styles would not be able to gel at all, but all Butter the Children show on their debut EP, not only can they work together, they can make something sort of magical. All the tracks are quick, less than 3 minute long burst of punk energy and indie rock mixed with a healthy chunk of post-shoegaze hooks. Opener “Robyn Byrd” pretty much encapsulates the band’s sound jumping from memorizing and bent guitar chords and emotional lyrics to (semi)quieter, cleaner sections that balance out the song. The EP also makes clear the darker and twisted elements of the band (just look at the cover art), like on the moody “Flesh Wound in Ithaca” or damaged-pop of “Rochelle Rochelle”. Then there is likes of closer “Lupus”, which feels like a more explosive take on the dreamy-pop Reading Rainbow use to make, and happens to be two minutes of pure noise-pop bliss. Butter the Children’s debut is a short but sucker-punch of an EP, a breath of fresh-air that reminds how great guitar pop, indie rock, and noise can be blended together just right.


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