Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bleeding Rainbow-Waking Dream

While 2012 have been great for music, I think 2013 is gearing up to be even better.The fact that we are getting a Bleeding Rainbow album within the first month is one of the strongest facts on my side. Slowly as the cuts from Yeah Right have surfaced, it has become clear how Bleeding Rainbow also personify their name with a stronger, more aggressive sound, filled with sludgy shoegaze& psychedelia riffs. However, they have not completely bisected themselves from their past, as in "Waking Dream". The harmonies shine as brightly as the guitar work, while distorted as hell, still emits a lovely glow to itself. "Waking Dream" is built on this wonderful quite-to-loud dynamic that fuses their past with their present, into a glorious ball of melodic noise rock. The sonic equivalent of fog meeting a bright, sunny day, in the best possible sense.


Bleeding Rainbow's Tumblr
Pre-order Yeah Right here, from Kanine Records

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