Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peach Kelli Pop-Dreamphone

Peach Kelli Pop's debut LP (from the distant time of 2010) was one of the best slices of pure pop AND garage around, no doubt due to Peach Kelli Pop (AKA Allie Hanlon) picking up an incredible knack for hooks with her day job drumming with White Wires. Now after too long a wait, her second album will squeak out just in time for the end of the year, thanks to always awesome Burger Records. "Dreamphone" is a classic sample of Peach Kelli Pop's style, deeply simple but utterly catchy instrumentation (here just drums and guitar) over lo-fi vocals that here actually sound like they were recorded over the phone. The lovely glockenspiel that sounds through out gives the song an even stronger cuddlecore sound. "Dreamphone" might be sickly sweet, but it's that sweetness that makes it such wonderful ear candy in the first place.


Peach Kelli Pop's Facebook
Burger Records' Website

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