Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bands to Care About: ender belongs to me

If you tried looking up ender belongs to me online, you wouldn't find much out about them. This isn't due to some “mystery” angel the band is going for, even if the lack of pictures or their song art would have you think other wise. It's due to the simple, unfortunate fact that few people have heard of ender belongs to me's music. Which is a fucking shame, so let The Creative Intersection help fix that.

Ender belongs to me is a duo based out of California who slowly over the course of two years have recorded a number of songs and EPs over that time period, each based around the same acoustic guitar and casio keyboard, the only music tools the duo have. Despite this, the band has the ability to really stretch into a multitude of different areas. Just compare the dark, 80s-esque goo that is “Kick/Scream” to the droney, tropical dance beat that drives “All Working”, and one would do double takes to make sure it's the same band producing the electronic dreampop that is coming out of the speakers.

(mp3) ender belongs to me-Kick/Scream
(mp3) ender belongs to me-All Working

Oh and the lyrics. The band can warp them and layer as many effects on the vocals and lyrics as they want, but they can't disguise the pain and sadness that is contained within them. This is particularly true with the band's newest song “New Light”. A slow burning beauty, it reminds me of a more hazy and drugged up take on Girls' “Vomit”, or something Flower Orgy might produce if they weren't trying to be so psychedelic. It's insanely beautiful track that rises ever so elegantly, especially when the female vocals come in.

(mp3) ender belongs to me-New Light

Currently the band is on a semi-hiatus, as one of the band members is in rehab. However, all is not sad in the land of ender belongs to me. The ever great Crash Symbols plan to release the band's newest EP Memory later this month, and the band's previous two EPs soon as well. Start paying attention now because when those EPs start rolling out, ender belongs to me's sadness and beauty will blow up. I guarantee it.


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Download ender belongs to me's discography at their bandcamp 

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