Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Black Moth Super Rainbow-Gangs In the Garden

Just in time for Halloween, Black Moth Super Rainbow are going to self-release their new album Cobra Juicy themselves, thanks largely to a Kickstarter campaign that is letting the album come out in every form from 3D vinyl to rubber mask (seriously, check out what they did). What might get lost in all this creative ruckus though is that Cobra Juicy might be BMSR's best album to date. Second single "Gangs in the Garden" is certainly one, if not their catchiest song to date. While not losing any of their weirdness or creepiness (just listen to the distorted, monster like vocals that make up half the song), the beat that kicks off the song makes up its back bone has to be one of the most dance inducing beats I've heard in a while. The electronics that click off through out the songs enhance the song rather than pulling it in a million directions, and Tobacco's vocals are the most enticing they've ever been. Like Born Gold at his most demented, this is electro-clash at its catchiest and most twisted point, intersecting to make a very evil ear worm.


Black Moth Super Rainbow's website
Pre-order Cobra Juicy here, from the band's own Rad Cult label


  1. With this I'm going to take the plunge and really dive into their discography. The singles I've heard off this album are just so awesome.