Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Heaven's Gate-Pogo

Heaven's Gate is a band that formed out of the ashes of Sweet Bulbs, a super awesome noise/shoegaze hybrid that somehow managed to shove pure, über catchiness without watering down their noisier tendencies one bit. After a long delay, Heaven's Gate are finally prepping their debut EP for Fire Talk, a 200 only(!) pressing of 7(!) swirling nuggets of noisy goodness. "Pogo", the first single of the EP, starts in a semi-similar area that Sweet Bulbs did, filled with truly buzzing guitar work at the song's core. However, an off-kilter surf/garage bent quickly appears and mends itself to the song, and singer Jess Paps' vocals, which used to only be dream-like whispers, have been ratcheted up into intense, anguish filled howls. All of these elements are ever so slightly off from one another, never fully connecting together. For any most bands, this would make the song just fall apart into a blob of mishmash sound. For Heaven's Gate though, they manage to just keep plowing forward with the song, letting "Pogo" form into this wonderfully crystal of noise rock, garage rock, and indie rock perfection.


Heaven's Gate's Bandcamp
Pre-order their debut EP here, from Fire Talk

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