Thursday, October 25, 2012

Teen Mom-I Wanna Go Out

Everything about Teen Mom just sort of throws you off. The band name does not send strong signals for a sense of quality, but one listen to "I Wanna Go Out" instantly disproves that. Then the lovely, Cure like intro verse of the song morphs unexpectedly (but wonderfully) into an almost shoegaze-like sound of fuzzy bliss. This constant shift plays out through out the rest of the song, with the next verse tempered by muscular guitar riff and the chorus' fuzz wave shattered momentarily by bright, shimmering guitar lines. "I Wanna Go Out" is such a brilliant, lovely gem of a song, everything within it complimenting one another so well, from the jumpy bass-line that connects the whole song to the intelligent guitar playing through it to the crisp, high pitched vocals that manage to seal together the song effortlessly. "I Wanna Go Out" is a quite stunner, but a stunner none the less.


Teen Mom's Website
Pre-order the Mean Tom EP here, from Analog Edition

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