Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Born Gold-Sky Bicycle

Speaking of Born Gold, Cecil Frena will be releasing his second album Little Sleepwalker in October as well. And wow, if "Sky Bicycle" is a proper showcase of the album, the band has emerged in an entirely new shape. Gone is the chopped up, electronic intensity that colored most of Bodysongs. Instead, take their song "Decimate Everything", their most R&B influenced and laid back track, as a starting point. Layer it with bubbly production and add Baths like beats to it to get some sense of how Born Gold sounds now. It is an entirely different sound, having an almost ethereal like quality to it that is just amplified by Frena's new vocal style which lays somewhere between hyper-falsetto and auto-tune. Miraculously, Born Gold is able to pull of this 180 in sound without it feeling like a 180. "Sky Bicycle" is still just as compelling as Born Gold's previous work, with the million hooks per minute feel of his music still as present as ever, just a lot more subtle. It's the marking of an artist willing to start completely from scratch in order to expand their sound, and the results being well worth the risk here.


Born Gold's Website
Pre-order Little Sleepwalker here, from Audraglint Recordings

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