Monday, October 22, 2012

Soda Fabric-Antonia

When a band is claiming to be from Atlantis in their press email, that's a pretty clear hint that their music is going to evoke some sense of beachy-goodness or aquaticness. And to a degree Soda Fabric do that with their song "Antonia", from the distorted, VHS art of paradise to the rubber bass lines and reverbed-to-hell guitar lines. Nostalgia makes its presence know as the band recounts a tale from 2009 of long drives and love. Yet, despite the clichès described, and utter terribleness that should be "Antonia", Soda Fabric manage, quite well in fact, to make it one very great, dreamy, post-punk song. Mining inspiration from early New Order, everything from the frantic drumming to the baritone vocals to the surfy, staccato, almost Modest Mouse guitar lines raises this song above the usual fray of bland, summer time nostalgia, to an urgent plea for something more. "Antonia" is utterly sublime, and even more so, ungodly catchy.


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