Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Babies-Get Lost

The Babies were/are a wonderful psych/folk-tinged garage band that put out some very cool singles in 2010, but a for-some-reason-less-engaging debut album in 2011 that made me stop looking their way for a little bit. Now they have returned with their second album, Our House on the Hill, and with it comes the return of why they grabbed me in the first place. "Get Lost" is a jagged, country rocker with a damaged/burned sense at its core. Over an ever present distorted riff and a off-kilter, jangly rhythm guitar, "Get Lost" weaves together a song about escapism that feels darker than most of its contemporaries. The vocals seem more distressed, the cries and howls more painful. "Get Lost" has a pull and sincerity to it that makes it stand out, and reminds me why The Babies were so great in the first place.


The Babies' Tumblr
Pre-order Our House On The Hill here, from Woodist Records

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