Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mixtape: THEESatisfaction-THEESatisfaction Loves Anita Baker

THEESatisfaction are one of the few R&B informed artists that I can really enjoy, and their debut awE NaturalE from this year was not only an under appreciated gem but an album which I had gotten into sooner. So it was nice to find out that the band had decided to drop a new mini-mixtape and tribute appropriately called THEESatisfaction Loves Anita Baker. I say "mini-mixtape" because not only is the track list short (five songs), but the songs themselves feel almost like previews for upcoming songs by THEESatisfaction with all but one of them being under two minutes and having an incomplete quality to their endings as well. However, it is a testament to the band that these almost fragments are still very compelling. The vintage piano swirl of "Black Fact" or the stacked harmonies of "Pressed", all the songs have a spark to them and flow perfectly from one to the other, keeping the mix consistent. "Cabin Fever Sweat Love" is the highlight of the tape, the most fully formed song on it and most evocative of the singer that the tape pays tribute too. It jumps effortlessly between Stas' and Cat's styles, blending their dichotomy into an outstanding soul track for modern times. While THEESatisfaction Loves Anita Baker is probably no more than a stopgap until the next THEESatisfaction album, it is still a great stopgap none the less.


THEESatisfaction's website
Download THEESatisfaction Loves Anita Baker mixtape here, from the band

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