Friday, September 28, 2012

Electrician-All is Lost in the Light

For the most part, a large majority of folk/acoustic music bores me. It just is unable to grab my attention, all seemingly pulling from the same exact sound and style. Which is why it was so surprising that Electrician and their music was able to grab me, easily at that. "All is Lost in the Light" pulls from the Phil Elvrum school of acoustic music, my favorite school. Mood setting sythns float around fragmented lyrics about becoming increasingly discourage with the world come out slowly, along with equally staccato guitar lines. "All is Lost in the Light" just envelopes as you listen, simple lyrics giving way to grander expressions of sadness. Perfectly evocative of the coming fall, Electrician have just produced a utterly sad song that I cannot believe is this gorgeous.


Electrician's Website

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