Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brilliant Colors-How Much Younger

I think Brilliant Colors are in a really bad position. They either got lumped as a "noise-pop" band, or as some bad out growth of the post-Vivian Girls world. As such, a large swath of their releases of been ignored or not given their dues by the music population. Which is an utter, utter shame because Brilliant Colors make some of the best, effort-less C86 pop around. Proof right here with "How Much Younger", the first tune off their brand new LP Again and Again. "How Much Younger" are what would happen if Grass Widows listened more to The Pastels than to The Urinals. Yes, it is as awesome as that comparison made it out to be.



Brilliant Colors' Blog
Pre-order Again and Again here, from Insound

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