Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fucked Up: Queen of Hearts

Fucked Up has just released the final mp3 in the lead up to their upcoming epic sounding (both literally and figuratively) new album David Comes to Life. "Queen of Hearts" is the frantic, thick, heavy, epic (have I used that word already?), and bombastic opening tune for the album. I don't want to use the phrase "classic sounding Fucked Up" for the two reasons that they have existed for far too short period of time to qualify for that phrase, and because their is no "classic sounding Fucked Up" sound. They are a band, whether it is liked or not, seem to jump from a different sound. However, it should be be said that "Queen of Hearts" has very similar qualities as "The Other Shoe", being Pink Eye's vocals serving as a contrast to the intense yet highly melodic instrumentation surrounding it. Oh, and you can really tell that it's a love song, something I never thought would wind up being written or associated with Fucked Up.

(mp3) Fucked Up-Queen of Hearts

Do to no good reason, The Creative Intersection glazed over Fucked Up's other two mp3 releases, something that should be corrected. Download below "A Little Death", a song that I feel is perfect antithesis of what Fucked Up wanted David Comes to Life to sound like, as well as Ship of Fools", where the song's dark lyricism is matched pound for pound with the equally volatile soaring guitar riffs.

(mp3) Fucked Up-A Little Death
(mp3) Fucked Up-Ship of Fools


David Comes to Life Website
Pre-order David Comes to Life (including the deluxe edition) here, from Matador

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