Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's strange. You think being a blogger, reading all the other great blogs you aspire to be, and getting mountains of emails to check out this or that artist, I would always be on top of any sort of buzz band or band everyone was blabbing about. Yet days arise when I discover an artist that you find simply stunning, then in turn I am stunned to find out they've been producing music like this for awhile now, and I wonder where have I been for so long?

That in a nutshell is how I felt when I first discovered WU LFY and their song/video "Dirt". It makes complete sense why everyone is drooling over this band. "Dirt" is such an utterly creative song, layering so many different elements into itself, forming the perfect novella of a song. The song comes off as tribal at first glance, with thundering drums coupled with vocals that spit disconcerting, rage-filled phrases punctuated with a style that sounds like the singer is gasping for air. However, the inner elements of the song emerge once the video is scene. Yes, the same chaotic feeling are personify by the video, but at the same time some strange warped sense of glee comes out as well, as if to say "the anger of now will lead to better things later". I might be over thinking it, but the song is entrancing the moment it starts and I can't wait for their debut album. Possibly my new favorite band.

(mp3) WU LYF-Dirt


WU LYF's website

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