Friday, May 6, 2011

Zeadron del Gomez-Hold My Hand? No

Hold My Hand? No is the debut cassette and release from Zeadron del Gomez, the alias of a 17 year old whiz kid from Orange County named Jack Hefferon. It's strange because despite the fact that Zeadron has been releasing music on his bandcamp page since early 2009, much the blog fair for him hadn't picked up until online magazine Rebel decide to release Hold My Hand? No digitally to the world back in January. Now both Rebel and the excellent Get Off The Coast run Crash Symbols have partnered together to release Hold My Hand? No on cassette as well.

That's all back story though, what is the music of Zeadron del Gomez actually like? Um...I want to say "nothing you've ever heard", but chances are that thought only comes from lack of knowledge of most non-guitar based music. The music is very beat heavy, with various beeps and thumps of being the core of nearly every song, yet while there is a clear electronica influence (or electropop dance, whatever the correct genre name is), Hold My Hand? No is not that. It draws from the dark edges of witch house, and styling of chillwave. Hold My Hand? No is sort of what would happen if James Blake decided to listen to more witch house, and threw in more traces of Dream Cop, UK style producers (Zomby, Gold Panda), and dash Moby for spice. While something like Zeadron del Gomez is completely out of my normal musical range, and there is high chance that every descriptor I used for him is wrong, at least let it be conveyed that this album is stunningly excellent album that should be heard by all in some form or another. This is headphone music that will swell and rinse through your mind for weeks to come.

(mp3) Zeadron del Gomez-Down Face/Face Down
(mp3) Zeadron del Gomez-Trainer.SAW93 MB


Zeadron del Gomez on Bandcamp
Stream/download/buy Hold My Hand? No here, from Crash Symbols

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