Friday, May 20, 2011


The Cats Purring Collective, is a group of diverse musicians (Dead Gaze, Dent May, Flight, ) centered Oxford, Mississippi who work together, help make music, and set up and promote shows in their scene. This means that not only the cool main acts, but their friends and fellow bandmates side projects get attention as well. Case in point BOBBY CHIZ, an apparent member of Dead Gaze's and Dent May's live band, and his song "Vibe Tech". An awesome swirling pop song, it's what a more country version of Ty Segall would sound like filtered through both Elephant 6 and Guided By Voices. The song has so many bits and pieces, it's like Girl Talk made a indie-psych song, with all the different influences you can count within it. It's stunning the magnitude of directions the song goes in, yet still comes together in this kaleidoscope of a song.



BOBBY CHIZ on Tumblr

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