Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Bottomless Black Hole of Zond

This is Zond. They are a band. They are from Australia. They have been playing for a little while now. They released an album. It was released on RIP Society. They did it last year. Now they released the album in the US. They did it last month. It was released on Kemado. Zond make music. Very good music. Very loud music. Some people call it shoegaze. It is, but isn't. Some people call it noise rock. It is, but isn't. It is both at the same time. Layered on one another, over and over again. Dense, thick, heavy. It hurts the brain, it scares the soul. It stands on the brink of sludge, of metal, of evil. It is, but isn't. Zond is gloriously dark, mind melting music. Dive into the dark.

(mp3) Zond-Chrome
(mp3) Zond-Stupid Gods


Zond on Myspace
R.I.P Society's Website

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