Sunday, May 15, 2011

Martin Newell-Sun Comes to the Wood

Here is the second mp3 from Martin Newell's Songs for a Fallow Land, his recently just re-released solo LP that I have raved about previously. "Sun Comes to the Wood" has the same reverb drenched, '80s style production of "Gamma Ray Blue", with the song itself built around a strong mix of vibrating, reverb infused guitar chords and pulsating synth, blending the two together into a vortex of inseprable sound, with detached, Devo-esque vocals layered on top. The end result is a dark and detached song, a crystalization of the decade that shaped it, both from a musical stand point and the culture of the time.

(mp3) Martin Newell-Sun Comes to the Wood


Martin Newell's Website
Buy Songs for a Fallow Land here, from Fixed Identity

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