Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Gotta Make Your Feelings Known

Comet Gain might possibly be one of the greatest, and equally under appreciated, indie pop band to ever be. Don't believe me? This is a band that has been playing for 15+ years, and helped inform the sound of Love is All, Los Campesinos!, and even Belle and Sebastien. Now quick, name a single one of their songs, or even one of their albums. Couldn't? That's what I thought.

Thankfully, ever since they released their absolutely stunning singles/odds-and-ends compilation Broken Record Prayers back in 2008, they have gotten a slight boost in people caring about them. Now after nearly six years (depending on how you view Cinema Red and Blue), Comet Gain is back and finally releasing a brand new album Howl of the Lonely Crowd. It is already out in the UK, but we will have to wait in the US 'till June 21 before What's Your Rupture? puts it out here. Until then, go to Fortuna POP! to here the already classic sounding indie pop gem "Weekend Dream".

Classic Comet Gain to catch you up:


Fortuna POP!'s Website
What's Your Rupture's Website

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