Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hi Shadow Records

It has come to my attention that Brent Mitzner, mastermind behind the the highly under appreciated Trudgers, has been running a small tape label himself and releasing small pressings of some of his and his friend's bands. Anyone familiar with Bridgetown Records discography will have a good idea of what's being brought to you by Hi Shadow, but that does not remove the fact that another wonderful cassette label as been brought into the world, and great bands are getting their music released.

One of the latest cassettes is in fact a cassingle from the ever prolific, ever great, and head of Bridgetown Records himself, Kevin Greenspon. To call this release just a "cassingle" though is just a bit wrong, especially when the opening track "Coincide" is a 9 minute sprawler. Stepping away slightly from concise, slightly noisy songs that were heard on his split cassingle for Bathetic, here a more clear singular sound comes out, with a sharper drone influence in the guitar work. Though the way Greenspun makes music, by the next release, the sound will have completely shifted to some other great, genre-less style.

Kevin Greenspon - Coincide by Hi Shadow Records

The other release is a split cassette between Vehicle Blues and Trudgers. Vehicle Blues sound their most focused here, fully fleshing out their post-shoegaze pop, especially on "Your Pile", with a limping static-fuzz serving as the the bone for this beautifully lonesome song. It's what Tempertwig would have sounded like it if they had slowed down their songs and replaced melancholy for their angst. The degree by which Trudgers is growing as a band is even more impressive. Look no further than their stunning "Softly, Gracefully", a eight minute plus epic of post-punk, with shift from complete Joy Division/Smashing Pumpkins worship to some that is all their own. One of the best tracks and cassettes I have heard all year.

Vehicle Blues - Your Pile by Hi Shadow Records

Trudgers - Softly, Gracefully by Hi Shadow Records


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