Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big Troubles-Phantom

Big Troubles said in a interview once that their follow to Worry would sound very different, with a desire to record the album in an actual studio ,and step away from the lo-fi sound that made Worry so personal and wonderful. And as such, as both a fan of lo-fi music and seeing so many bands step away from their initial lo-fi sound to loss some of their initial greatness as well, I was skeptical they could pull it off.

That of course was before I heard "Phantom". The first time hearing the band in an actual studio with engineers, with the result being just as good as anything on Worry. The same shoegaze-esque backbone that punctuated all their previous work is still ever present, but a new power-pop sheen has been added to the music, or at the very least been brought closer to forefront. Yes, this makes the band sound have a sort of '90s sound to them, much like several over rising indie bands these days, but that does not remove the fact that Bi Troubles have produced another gem to add to their treasure trove of music.

The song was recorded for Weathervane Music series Shaking Through, a cool music site out of Philadelphia that records audio and visual of bands in a Daytrotter-esque way. For more info and music on Weathervane, check it out here.

(mp3) Big Troubles-Phantom


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