Thursday, February 24, 2011

Single Review: Trent Fox and The Tenants-Mess Around EP

Ignore the goofy looking art work. Ignore the unnecessarily long band name. The only thing that needs attention is Trent Fox and The Tenants, and the fact that they have release a bloody excellent debut 7 inch. Brought to us by the relatively new Kind Turkey Records, the single, if it were to be generalized, is another five song sweet of garage-punk, leaning more the garage side of the genre.

That, however, is selling it short. Flourishes of Noubnny and Hunx and His Punx can be heard through out, especially in the heave use of vocal melodies; there just aren't enough "yeah, yeah" chants in garage these days. There is also a snottiness to the band as well which can be heard on every song particularly in the killer title track. the best point of reference is fellow scenesters Jaill. Both bands use garage-punk as the templete for their sound, but useit to create songs that demand a repeate listen. Also the band isn't afraid to put a touch of demeneted country or power-pop to add dimention to their music. This might not be completely new ground Tent Fox adn the tenants are covering, but it's one they trent spot on.      

(mp3) Trent Fox and the Tenants-Mess Around


Trent Fox and The Tenants on myspace
Buy the Mess Around 7" here, from Kind Turkey Records

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