Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All That's Been Left Behind

The more you blog, the more you realize that you can't blog about everything you want to, unless you devote every ounce of your life to it, and are working with three other people as well on it. However, there are some great songs that can get missed, and not matter how much time has passed, deserve to be talked about.

Cold Cave released the first song to their upcoming second album Cherish the Light Years (yea!) called "The Great Pan is Dead". A track is a bit of a throwback to their ealier days, using very loud noise to escalade the pain of the lyrics of certain songs. However, instead of a sonic attack, the powerful beats of the song propell it forward and it becomes just as great as any Cold Cave song before it.

(mp3) Cold Cave-The Great Pan is Dead


Cold Cave's Website

Thanks to the great Andres at The Photon God for bringing my attention to my new favorite band, The Luyas. The band will be releasing their second album on Dead Oceans in a week's time, the aptly titled Too Beautiful to Work, and the released the utterly specacular title track as well. It is a bit hard to put into words why this song is so great. A looping  piano line is layered of the most lucid vocals sounding like they are being sung in another language, complemenary drums and strings come in from out of nowhere. Just simply sublime.

(mp3) The Luyas-Too Beautiful to Work


The Luyas' website

Nodzzz ,the sparse, twee and garage altogether and thrown in a blender pop band that every has been adoring for ages have signed to Woodist for their second album. In the mean time they have released "Time (What's It Going To Do?)" for the musical public. Short,snappy and oddly built around a psych sounding guitar line, it kind of sounds like The Brian Jonestown Massacure at their most melodic, if they had decided to eat a bunch of sugar instead of doing speed.

(mp3) Nodzzz-Time (What's It Going To Do?)


Nodzzz on Facebook

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