Friday, February 11, 2011

Panda Bear-Last Night at the Jitty

I am actually extremely excited for the upcoming Panda Bear's upcoming Tomboy, so it brought me great joy to see he finally released the first "official" mp3 from the album, a re-recorded version of "Last Night at the Jetty". As one of the few who managed to get a copy of the single version of it that was released a little while ago very little has actually changed with the song, except for a slight clean up in the production value. However, that doesn't matter much because the song is simply fucking excellent, a swirling vortex of a pop song, with touches of drone and ambiance adding to the melted electronic sound that makes up "Lat Night at the Jetty". Tomboy is increasingly becoming one of my most anticipated of 2011.

(mp3) Panda Bear-Last Night at the Jetty

Compare to the original:


Panda Bear on Myspace
Get Tomboy April 12 here, from Paw Tracks

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