Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Secret Society of Giraffes-A Perfect Reason to Fall

Thanks so much Get Off The Coast for pointing out this wonderful discovery to me. The Secret Society of Giraffes, not only having one of the best band names ever, have (or I should say has because it is a one man project)released their second five song EP titled Perfect Reason to Fall It is a very strange slice of electronic style pop kind of giving me a bit of a Gobble Gobble vibe, but just in the wackiness, not in musical style. The Secret Society of Giraffes' songs are based around samples in this case various video game noises which the band then warps into a multitude of directions from the loopy intro of synth and+ ocals that makes up " Tut Budmarc" or the electro guitar beats of "Like A Heart on My Sleeve", A Perfect Reason to Fall is a mildly demented sound collage of just about everything, yet everything about it works so perfectly.

(mp3) The Secret Society of Giraffes-Tut Budmarc
(mp3) The Secret Society of Giraffes-Like A Heart on My Sleeve


The Secret Society of Girafffes on Bandcamp

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