Wednesday, February 16, 2011

School Knights Say "Fuck The Beach"!

It has come to my attention that my new favorite lo-fi indie punk rockers School Knights, despite having just released their debut EP a little while ago, are already dropping mp3s of their upcoming debut LP Fuck The Beach. The title track is possibly one of the most ironic songs ever, a decry of the "beach scene" while having the same style and sound of the band(s) they are mocking (*coughWavvescough*), the product of course being another excellent scuzzy sounding guitar song. "Lunch Money"is a slightly slower and but still now less great song, continuing on their theme of writing about childhood issues and their past as twenty-somethings. Also, apparently "Lunch Money" is going to be part of a cassingle release that the band is planning to do, once again working with the ever awesome Bridgetown Records. Fuck the Beach is expected, when else, but later this summer, on a yet to be announced label.

(mp3) School Knights-Fuck The Beach
(mp3) School Kngihts-Lunch Money


School Knights on Myspace

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