Friday, February 25, 2011

Boris to Release Two Albums

Boris, the ever changing, shape shifting advent metal gods, have done the only logical thing in their desire to do something different with their music, which is release two albums on the same day (April 16) on the same label (Sargent House). Heavy Rocks, which is strikingly similar to their 2002 album of the same name and near same cover art, though the band claims it to be a completely different and separate album. However, Attention Please is the album the band seems to be concentrating to most on, an album that first time has the band's female guitar Wata singing on the songs, and her voice gives the album a very majestic feel to their heavy sound. For instance, the just released song "Hope" has a very Dinosaur Jr feel to it (something that was previewed in their single releases from last year), with the soft vocals and strings contrast the song's heavy riffs.

(mp3) Boris-Hope

The band, if nothing but prolific, has plans to release another album, the currently Japan only release called New Album. The album's core appears to be various different takes on songs that will be appearing on their upcoming new albums. Like "Party Boy", which will also appear on Attention Please, and which here sounds like the band decided to become a dance band. Seriously, if you ever wanted to know what Boris would be like if they tried to make a mainstream pop song, this is probably the most likely result.

(Sound Cloud)-Listen to "Party Boy" here.


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