Monday, February 21, 2011

Martin Newell-Gamma Ray Blue

It's stories like this that warm my cold, blogger heart. Martin Newell, who if you don't know, was the genius behind the underground guitar pop band Cleaners from Venus (who's discography Burger Records has been releasing steadily over the past few years to great fanfare, at least by me). However, Newell was one prolific man who constantly worked with other people and release different works. One of those projects was a solo outing in 1985 titled Songs for a Fallow Land, releasing it in a super limited batch of 100 cassettes. Well, after a 25 year period Fixed Identity, a imprint started by members of Gary War and Infinity Window, will be releasing Songs for a Fallow Land again on LP. Here "Gamma Ray Blue" for an understanding of the excellence contained within, a warped psych induced pop song, which songs like the precursor for everything Ariel Pink and James Ferraro would wind up producing. It honestly sounds like something that would appear in a demented form of the '80s, mostly because it actually was made in the '80s.

(mp3) Martin Newell-Gamma Ray Blue (via Visitation Rites)


Pre-order Songs for a Fallow Land here, from Fixed Identity


  1. The same Martin Newell who was in Brotherhood of Lizards and made albums with Andy Partridge and Louis Philippe? Yeah! The one he made in the 90's with Partridge (The Greatest Living Englishman) is really, really good.

  2. Yep that's the very one. Though I hate to admit it, Cleaners from Venus and this solo record are the only works I know about him. Good to know he's produced other quality music as well.