Wednesday, February 2, 2011

EP Review: Jack Hayter-Sucky Tart

In line with the other under the rader, depression filled, and subtly excellent release that Audio Anti-Hero has been releasing over the past year, here now is Sucky Tart, a quiet album filled with pain and loss from Jack Hayter, former guitarist of Hefner and his first release in years. Here are four tracks of swelling bar tales, the stories you hear from the old drunk at the bar after you've feed him his 3rd shot and he happens to have an arrange of instruments as well with him while he is reminiscing.

Everything about this album comes off as if it were written in some long forgotten world, or at least the mind of an old poet. The lead off song of song "I Stole The Cutty Sark" is the story of a boy who steals a ship to impress a girl, which as expected, goes horribly wrong. The whole song is wrapped up in near quiet chord progressions and sad, sad singing saws. Elsewhere are tales of crushed dreams and adultery, saying goodbye in both tears and anger brought to life by Jack Hayter. When the too short EP ends with "Jacquie I Won't Mind", the longing in Hayter's voice reaches near palatable levels. A folk record if a title is needed, but an honest and tear filled one, not an album filled with the gloss that covers so many of the albums these days. Sucky Tart, the release made for these cold rain and snow filled days.

(mp3) Jack Hayter-I Stole The Cutty Sark


Jack Hayter's Website
Sucky Tart here, from Audio Antihero

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