Monday, September 24, 2012

Cold Cave-A Little Death to Laugh

Well, this is an awesome little surprise. Cold Cave announced a brand new single that will go along with their upcoming tour with Divine Fits. Band master mind Wesley Eisold made the three songs on the record completely by himself, probably between the line-up changes that have been occurring with Cold Cave. In turn, you can hear a real shift in sound with the title track "A Little Death to Laugh". Gone is the bombarding intensity and lyrical sprawl that made up most of Cherish the Light Years. Instead, it is a return of sorts to the Love Comes Close style of minimal arrangements, with sharp synth arrangements and stilted lyrical release making up the song's being. It is the return of Cold Cave in their detached, coldwave form, and it is still as great as well.


Cold Cave's Website
Pre-order the A Little Death to Laugh 7", from Cold Cave/Heartworm Press

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