Monday, September 17, 2012

Bare Pale-I Never Could

A few days ago I got possibly the most minimalist promo request I have gotten in a long time. It was nothing but a line in the message section and a link to their soundcloud. I'm so glad I clicked on that link though because it lead to one super fine no-fi tune.

Bare Pale's "I Never Could" is the type of post '90s indie rock that my heart always quivers for. Complemented by heartwarming lo-fi recording, mountains of über-distorted guitar riffs and cymbal crashes play simple but so great teenage-garage level indie rock. The mumbled lyrics seal the deal as they amplifies the sense of despondence and melancholy contained within it. Burger girl art work or not, this is purely one sad, indie rock gem and it is an excellent one at that.


Bare Pale's Facebook

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