Monday, September 10, 2012

Video: Bleeding Rainbow-Pink Ruff

I have been sitting on this for way too long. Bleeding Rainbow were Reading Rainbow, a wonderfully reverb filled duo who crafted super catchy, minimalist indie pop that was at the intersection of shoegaze and c-86. Now with the name change for whatever (probably copyright related) reason, the band has also taken the opportunity to expand into a four piece and greatly switch the their sound.

Gone are the intertwined girl-boy vocals and warm, inviting fuzz of Prism Eyes. Instead, with "Pink Ruff" of their upcoming Yeah Right, the band dives head first into modern noise pop. The band still retains a good chunk of their original catchiness, but much like their peers Eternal Summers, who also expanded their line-up, while you can see the connective thread, the end points are very different. A heavy level of darkness has enveloped the band, along with an almost sludge like quality to what is now Bleeding Rainbow's sound, all the while laying in sharp contrast to the clear vocals of Sarah Everton. The video brings this all to life. While being a simple in concept, the way it uses bright, but moody color and Fight Club like editing allow the same distorted, dark sense of "Pink Ruff" to come to life. While Reading Rainbow are dead, Bleeding Rainbow is a more then welcome replacement of excellent, distortion filled indie rock.


Bleeding Rainbow's Tumblr
Get Yeah Right from Kaine Records in January

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